Sunday, November 21, 2010

What mom has been up to:

This is how mom's week started off. While laying peacfully and sound in their bed they woke to a tree branch going through their bedroom window and One of Their telephone poles was struck by lightening. It goes without saying that they had no telephone, No power and no internet ( even mom's ipad gets the worst wifi signal while at home).

Mom's house must be like the Bermuda triangle or something because anytime a storm hits it is their property that is always hit the worst. This particular storm that went through only effected about 1.5 square miles in their town.

I can't tell you what I had to do in order to bring her a morning cup of coffee as all roads surrounding their house were blocked off due to the down power lines. I didn't let that stop me though :)


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WoolenSails said...

That is a scary thing to have happen and it seems some of us just have dumb luck. Ours goes in spurts.