Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Worst Blogger

Hi Again, Remember Me, It's the worst blogger ever!

I could try to explain all the details of what has happened in the past month
But you wouldn't believe me!

Just popping in for a second to assure you we really are working and New samples and wools will be on the website eventually! - Long story

I am cutting the samples and taking pics now
and since we have been receiving emails from so many wools addicts, I am going to give you a little teaser.
We do NOT know when the samples will go out or the wool will actually be here
- All we know is it will be soon and it is GORGEOUS !

All of them tear fantasticly, Wash up great and feels oh so good. This is one of the BEST offerings we have ever had and although we hate waiting just as much as you, We are extremely HAPPY with the quality. Making it worth the wait :)

Our remakes that will be available:
Tic Toc
Shepherd's sheep
Turkey Feathers
Brickhouse red
 And The Newbies :
Butterscotch, Little Boy Blue, Polly Peacock, Rasberry Crumb, Tinker, Harvest Moon, Kingston and Prairie Dog
Okay I gotta get back to cutting samples before the Boss finds me on the computer!