Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall Bag from 1,2,3 Sew book By Blog host The Longthread

My jaw dropped when I saw this bag, I was so J-E-A-L-O-U-S .

Imagine my utter shock when I realized it was sewn with Our Wool!

Now, Isnt that just the most beautiful fall handbag?
I own the book 1,2,3 Sew and I have to say I enjoy it because of the fact I have litterally picked a pattern from the book, Picked the fabric and sewn it without any Cusssing!!
That is a sure testiment of a good craft book - in my opinion.
I love the reversible skirt patttern so much! Thank you Ellen.
Check out the Longthread blog here  I linked it to the post on the purse but Ellen has alot of great things over there to check out Including great Tutorials that you can use cottons or wools with.

Monday, September 5, 2011

We are Here

Thank you for all of your warm wishes to us Irene took hold over us.
Thankfully we escaped most of the fury.
Are Hearts go out to all of those who were effected by Irene.
I am so saddened by the devestation in particular to Vermont.
My husband and I love to take weekend getaways to the small towns of Vermont. We have met some of the most WONDERFUL people there.
If you ever stay or travel in VT. Please stop in to

Jamaica was one of the towns effected by Irene.
It is filled with the most good natured, truly caring people and Best! baked goods. Just down the road is Harmonyville ( yes, I almost talked my husband into moving there just so I could say I lived in Harmonyville ). A little farther down the road is Townshend ( stop in for great smoked meats and cheeses ), The town in which scenes from Chevy Chases' movie Funny Farm was filmed. A truly warm and kind community.

Folk N' Fiber has a new website Be sure to check it out!

And a few etsy finds ( links directly to etsy page )

Love Bird Hand Embroidered Wool Linen Messenger Clutch Yellow Grey

Hand-knotted, hand-dyed Tibetan Wool Rug - Modern Geometric Design
Felted Wool Cell Phone holder / WalletFelted Wool Cell Phone holder / Wallet
Those are our wools! :)
circa 1890 antique crate hand lettered shipping box
NEW Large Handmade OWL Patchwork Backpack Bag
Vintage Rulers in Antique Illus on Cotton WIDE 150cm, U2686
My husband lets me have all the craft supplies I can hide primitive sign
6 Primitive Halloween Grungy Candy Corn Bowl Fillers
And there is a slight possibillity this will be gone by the time you see this:
Hocus Pocus Halloween Pillow
Another pillow by the same seller equally as cute:
Christmas Pillow "Santa Let Me Explain"
Primitive Wood Sign- These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things