Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year ! Half the NEW wool is here!

Here are a few pictures of our barn overflowing with wool. This is only half of the wool!
We forgot to take a picture of the truck being unloaded, We'll try to remember next time.
This next picture is the machine used to fold the wool onto bolts. This is dad's (Eric's) job. When he starts bolting the wool, I will take another set of pictures to show how it works.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

CONGRATULATIONS !!! Carmen ~ You Won

Congratulations to Carmen Sutton!

E-mail us your mailing address (I believe we have it but want to make sure it is correct) and let us know what are your faves, Darks, Lights,Primitives or if you have a favorite Heavens to Betsy wool that you would love a piece of.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

To receive Swatches of our milled wool

Not on our mailing list to receive swatches of the wool we have milled?
Send us your name and mailing address and we will add you to our mailing list.
You can go to and use the store contact button
or e-mail Erica at
or e-mail Betsy at
If you prefer to call, Our number is 518-851-2149
~Our swatches are free of charge~
We always update the website with our new wools once the samples go out in the mail. We will be continuing to offer our mailer special bundle~ A half yard of each wool, bundled nicely with twill tape at a savings. Which is only available until the first wool is out of stock.
Be sure to get your Gift certificates now while there is no shipping cost and you receive a free fat quarter!
~ A very nice present to yourself~

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

~Giveaway ~ Ending December 17th

Giveaway ~2 pounds of wool ! I Will try to customize this weeks' winning remnant bag !
Enter a random comment below to win a personalized remnant bag.
~ A big Congrats to Kimberly , Last weeks winner. Please e-mail me with your mailing information - I am unable to access your e-mail address. ~
How is everyone doing?
We have finally narrowed down which wools are going out on our next mailer and you definatley won't be dissapointed! I would love to show you a sneak peak but mom wants it to "be a surprise" when you get the mailer. She says it would take away the WOW factor.
What do you think?

Monday, December 13, 2010



Again Thank you Erica & Betsy for the chance to win wool, and also to get some good laughs!My best tip for Xmas this year is let your son in law put up and decorate the trees!For years the task fell to me. Husband and one or more kids would lug out the trees, and would do the garland...the rest was up to me!This year our new son in law who is an Air Force Pilot asked if he could "help" I think i put two ornaaments on each tree and he spent hours creating a masterpiece! He got a good look at our family traditions and the chance to use up some OCD energy(pilots are perfectionists!) and I didnt get burned out decking the halls!Favorite movie is a toss up Old school me loves White CHristmas ?Holiday Inn. With it mom loves ELF. I have seen it about 9 times and it still cracks me up!My second stress buster is to make sure no matter how crazy my days are to hook each day!Hope everyone is enjoying the anticipation of the big day!

Kimberly,Please e-mail me with your mailing info and we can get your wool to you by Christmas!

Let me know if there are any wools that you would like pieces of :)


We have been super crazed here getting orders out, Getting ready for our January mailer and of course getting ready for Christmas. The days seem to go by so fast, Don't they?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Giveaway for week Dec.7th-12th 2pound remnant bag

This weeks giveaway is now open

Actual 2 pound remnant bag photo will be put up tomorrow. It was freeeeezing today! And dad didn't start the pellet stove in the barn. If you would like to see any certain wools in this weeks giveaway~Let me know and I will try to add them!
Enter a random comment below to enter to win!

Some ideas for your random comment:

Holiday Stress management tips :)

favorite Holiday or old movie ~ I have a hard time choosing between Christmas in Conneticut and Home Alone

favorite quote

Do you have any funny habbits? ~ I like to keep my candy in the refrigerator, Mom likes to hideout in her car ( its quiet and warm and she gets WIFI for her ipad better in her driveway)

a few more photos

A few more photos to share.... So as to post the new giveaway and keep it at the top of the page making it easy to access. I apologize if the one quilt offends anyone, My brother and I both have a weird love of skulls~ Must be the whole GOONIES generation thing :)
The first pic wouldn't rotate but it is an applique almost 2 foot long of a cat cut out of Three Amigos wool.
I plan to use it on the back of a quilt for my mother, For Christmas.

Whenever I ask mom what she would use a wool for , She always comes up with things I would never in my wildest imagination think of. So... Of course I just had to use a striped, Pinish colored wool for a cat!

The next couple of photos are of mom's quilt for Christmas.
I used about three of our remnant bags to make it (with the exception of a yard of Chuckles for the border) and still have some leftover to make a pillow and a bag! I haven't backed it yet, That is this weekends project. I apologize for the wrinkles, I had it folded away so the dog wouldn't lay on it :)

OK... The next photos are of my brother christmas quilt. Please don't be offended...

I Used the last bits of Coal Miner's Plaid to make the skull and cross-bone applique. I had a huge smile on my face at every step in making this quilt knowing my brother will love it!

I think I may make one for myself , Just not as large ( My sewing machine can't handle it. I had to have my husband hold and bunch the quilt while I did the actual quilting)
And of course in pink!

The last image ( That would not rotate , Urgh) Is of one of mom's and mine Favorite magazines by a long shot! The magazine is called Selvedge Magazine and is one of the very , Very few magazines that are worth the subscription price. It Is a U.K publication but if you visit their website and click subscriptions , There is a choice of what country you live in and that will take you to the correct pricing to receive your own copies here in the U.S.. I highly suggest visiting their website by clicking here .

Another good magazine that I enjoy is SEW HIP magazine. It is also a U.K. publication. ( You can find older copies on ebay usually.) It is loaded with fun and hip sewing and crafting projects. It is a really good magazine for people who like funky wearables and interestingly odd/modern projects.
The one thing that is drastically different about the U.K. magazines is there is not as much advertising in them.Or rather you don't notice it as much because you still get alot of content that isn't advertising, Which I highly appreciate with the rising cost of magazines.

A few photos to share

Mom's hooked pillow
(To me its like a troll doll so ugly that its cute)

Since her kids are grown, She finally gets to have "her" Christmas Tree !

I believe she purchased the tree from Linda Owens, Who has an amazing Primitive shop in Kinderhook,NY. Every single item in Linda's shop is made in the U.S.A. !

Monday, December 6, 2010


Congratulations Sherry from Sherry's Heart You "Finally" WON!

We will get your wool out to you today! Send an e-mail to me at verifying your mailing address, Please.

New wool for grabs to be added a little later in the day. We are hard at work in the barn getting orders out!