Monday, November 29, 2010

GIVEAWAY week Nov.29th-Dec 5th


This weeks giveaway is now open. Over 2lbs. of remnants

(including the last pieces of some early favorites!)

Post a random comment below to enter for your chance to win!

You can just drop in and say hi but

We would love to hear about the bargains you are finding, giveaways,coupons and such!

Did you stay home on Black Friday or brave going out?

Do you have a home-based buisness?

What is your favorite blog to visit?

~ Mine is ~ everyday they add new ,FREE sewing patterns

and craft ideas for Christmas.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


CONGRATS to twoives, this weeks winner !

The blog will be updated tomorrow with another giveaway, Keep entering for your chance to win!

Does anybody know of any other good give aways they would like to share?

or really good bargains?

I know Joanns fabric and craft store always sends e-mails with coupons which really come in handy. Mom and I got a large roll of quilt batting for 50% off! Yahoo

Monday, November 22, 2010

FREE WOOL ! week of Nov 22nd - 28th

THIS giveaway is now closed , New giveaway to be posted tomorrow
Enter a comment below to win 2 pounds of Heavens to Betsy wool!

A different image of the actual wool being given away will appear tomorrow as I needed to pick up my daughter from school early (due to being sick). I did not have enough time to take a picture of another remnant bag - sorry. I can gaurantee You will be commenting to win at least 2 pounds of Heavens to Betsy wool though !

WOOLMAVEN ~ Please contact me at morn_glory@yahoo(dot)com with your address. There is not an e-mail address on your google page to contact you.

Leave a random comment below to win.

Some ideas for your comment:

What is or was your favorite Heavens to Betsy wool?

Would you like to see how we go about coming up with some of our wools?

Do you have a holiday tradition that you still carry out each year?

What are you working on?

or just drop in and say hi!

Please one comment per person but feel free to have a loved one enter for a second chance to win. Husbands note: If you win wool for your spouse this can get you serious brownie points, you may even get a home cooked meal!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Congrats! to woolmaven , This weeks lucky commentor. Woolmaven please e-mail me so that I can verify your shipping address. My e-mail is morn_glory@yahoo(dot)com

We will have more wool to win posted on the blog tomorrow. You can still win, Don't give up!

We would love to see pictures of your projects. You can put them in our Flickr group. Flickr is a great way to share your photos and be inspired by others. Even a photo of works in progress or your Heavens to Betsy wool put to good use.

I loved the idea of garland with little scraps or samples you receive, What a great idea!

Has anyone made a tree skirt out of wool?

Mom's Christmas gift - Beginning stages

Thought I would share one picture of a work in progress before posting the winner.

I actually have most of my blocks all sewn together and steamed/pressed. I am loving the way it is looking so far. I hope she will like it.

What mom has been up to:

This is how mom's week started off. While laying peacfully and sound in their bed they woke to a tree branch going through their bedroom window and One of Their telephone poles was struck by lightening. It goes without saying that they had no telephone, No power and no internet ( even mom's ipad gets the worst wifi signal while at home).

Mom's house must be like the Bermuda triangle or something because anytime a storm hits it is their property that is always hit the worst. This particular storm that went through only effected about 1.5 square miles in their town.

I can't tell you what I had to do in order to bring her a morning cup of coffee as all roads surrounding their house were blocked off due to the down power lines. I didn't let that stop me though :)


Monday, November 15, 2010

~Week Three Giveaway~ Enter comments below to win

Week Three Giveaway!

Enter a random comment below for your chance to win.

Your comment could be about what you are working on, What you are doing for the Holidays, A tip you think others may benefit from, Your favorite "old" movie or actor, Favorite song at the moment, ect. OR just drop in and say Hi.

We have had a lot of feedback through our private email that others have loved reading the comments posted. It was really nice that you took the time to share, You brought smiles to alot of others.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

We have a week 2 winner!!!


Your our week 2 winner

Glad you didn't have to sleep outside on your porch!

We had so much fun reading your true stories!

Thank you for adding some fun laughs to our week.

We truly, Truly wish we could send each one of you a box of goodies.

We appreciate you and love to hear from you.

Enter to win for week three!


Please e-mail me Arlene so I can make sure I have your correct address.

My e-mail is

or you can use the store contact form on our website

scrap buster

Before I post the winner later this evening I thought I would share a little something. My husband brought home a huge trash bag of sheets from the hospital a few days ago ( don't worry they are clean). I am in the process of making confetti out of them for pillow stuffing. I am planning to make pillow forms with a couple by simply sewing two squares together then stuffing them with the confetti and sewing them closed.
I thought I would share as it is a great way to get rid of old sheets, pillow cases, the husbands tacky shirts,dingy curtains ect.
You could also use your wool scraps and throw in a handful or two of lavender!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Week two ends tomorrow

We don't see many husbands or loved ones entering for another chance for you to win and for them to score brownie points.
Hint! Hint !

Thursday, November 11, 2010

next project

just found this pattern on etsy, you can get it on etsy at this link click here for pattern on etsy
This is so going to be my next woolley project ( as soon as I get Christmas projects finished ) . Arent they so Cute?
I am going to have to make a pair out of Wildflower of course ( my favorite wool that mom won't have re-milled unless lots of people ask for it, See jacket below made of Wildflower) and maybe a pair out of lone ranger and penelope.

Too Cute

I believe it is three posts down. We are loving your stories!!! Don't worry if you can't thinnk of a true story you can simply add a random comment and be entered

Little projects by mom and I

Envelope closure pillow made from Lil Bo Peep. ~We have this wool available, It just has not gone out on mailer or on the website yet. ~ This method is so easy. Here is one link to a video tutorial to make your own. I was going to add circle appliques with my machine but my daughter wanted it just the way it was. You can either use a zig zag stitch around appliques or leave a raw edge by sewing just inside the piece your sewing on.
This is a kite "rug" drawn and hooked by mom that she gave to Grace. It is one of Graces favorite items made by mom. It is so fun and such a great concept. It looks fantastic hanging on her wall too! Not to mention Clean! ( she cant get to it up there )

A BIG Congratulations to Jo Ann Mullaly on the success of her two books , Wool Crazy and Crazy at Home Plus her featured article in Quilt and more. Wishing you continued success, Your crafting is an inspiration to us all. May you also find all the antique cupboards that mom doesn't !
There is a link on the right to visit JoAnn's blog ,Wool Crazy, You can also click here .

Lesson 101 when making garments with wool

Besides pre-washing your wool before sewing there is another very important step when sewing clothing with wool.
Know the right and wrong side of your fabric
Both sides are pretty and I didn't think it would matter any. When quilting or sewing with solid cottons it does not matter. Who is really going to know, Right?
Well it turns out you need opposite sleaves and jacket panels :) (duh,Erica) Needless to say Every single seam in the jacket I made for my daughter needed seam ripping at one point or another. Lesson learned, I now will always place a flower pin on the right side to "label" it.
I got it done though! using Amy Butler's little splashes raincoat pattern ( I used size 10 for my seven yr. old, It is a little big but at least she won't grow out of it too soon). I was amazed at how well the sleaves and pleated pockets came out considering it was my first attempt at either. Although again I seam ripped everything at least once and had to make a second sleave and right front panel including another pocket as they were on the incorrect side of the wool and wouldnt work. I also had to seam rip when I put BOTH front panels with the armholes as if the were the neck, Yeesh. All in all, A good pattern to have. I may even attempt to make more to put on Etsy As soon as I figure a different way to attatch the belt. Any suggestion besides making loops with thread would be helpful. They didn't last an hour.
Loved! making the covered buttons with the wool. You can buy the button covering sets at most craft stores. They would look great on a bag or to just snaz up a pair of jeans.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Week two of FREE WOOL every week till Christmas!

This week's giveaway has been won, Congrats Arlene. See newer posts for current giveaways

Week two! Over two pounds of remnants!

To enter this weeks drawing leave a random comment below or tell us your "true story" by pushing the comment button below ( you will need a google account). Mom and I went to rug camp together once and one woman everytime she told a hillarious story that happen to her she would start and end it by saying "true story" mom and I have since done the same thing.

To start this week off, Here is mom's "true story"

True story ~ Mom used to be so scared of driving over bridges ( She has since conquered her fear and now travels all over the U.S.- Including hook-ins of 100 or more guests, Just ask her if you would like her to come to yours). Her fear was so bad that she would have to have to keep from closing her eyes! and be careful not to pull the steering wheel off.

Well one day she took a trip deciding to conquer her fear: Going over a LARGE FOUR LANE highway bridge mom in the middle of the bridge decides she just can't do it and procedes to make a U-TURN smack in the middle of the bridge. Cars beeping their horns behind her she hightailed all the way back home. True Story

Erica's "true story"

True story - I had my adorable mutt and child with me in the car when I decided to stop by mom's house one day. We left sanford (our dog) in the car while Grace and I ran in to say hello. I left the keys on the driver's seat as per usual. We stayed for maybe 10 minutes and chatted. When I went to get in the car, Sanford greeted me by jumping on the front seat before I could open the door and in process pushed the lock button on the door. Darn! Okay, First I tried to get him to obediently do the same thing and unlock the door, No such luck. So; I go inside and call my husband -who is uccustomed to these type of things happening by now- and he says he will bring the spare key but it will take him at least 20 minutes.( Mom and I are laughing hysterically at this point). While Sanford is watching us laugh he is still on the front seat and of course hits the car ALARM on my key chain ! - Have you ever heard those alarms, They are loud! For 15 minutes all of my mom's neighbors heard was the sounds of a very loud car alarm and us laughing and saying "I'm gonna pee my pants" - Sanford was completely fine by the way but he doesnt get in the front seat anymore. My husband ( Rick ) has just another story to tell the guys- Lucky guy. True story

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Scrappy Pillows in the making

Pillow project ( Christmas presents) in the works using my scraps of wool that I have been hoarding. I'm using foundation piecing method which is so easy! I love it.

Add ImageA close up of some of the squares , I love the "wonkiness" and not having to sew perfectly.

And finally, Some strips sewn together for an envelope style throw pillow. I'm not brave enough to try and tackle zippers yet!



We have our first winner!
Susie Dele congratulations!
Email Erica at to make sure we have your correct mailing address.
New stash remnant bag will be added tomorrow !

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Great book by Nathalie mornu available on , pictured above!

~We have copies of wool crazy and JoAnn's NEW book Crazy at home. They will be put on the website later this week. Contact us if you would like to purchase one for $25.95 before they go up on the website!~

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hi, Dont forget to push the subscribe to posts button on the right hand side, So you can get all the new updates and find out who the winners are!
PLEASE NOTE: You will need a google account to comment on a post.

FREE Wool Remnant bag , Every week till Christmas!

This contest has ended, Please do not comment here. Another great bag of remnant will be added tomorrow!

Here is week one remnants bag. What you see here is what you will receive if you are are the winning number! Over 2 pounds of wool! See details for entering below the picture, It's EASY, No clipping, No secret words, No purchasing, No searching for the secret picture.

All you have to do is leave a comment ( there is a little button below that you push that says comments ) and answer one of these questions:

Where do you hook? Do you listen to music, Watch t.v. or enjoy the peace and quiet?
What is you favorite publication (book or magazine) for inspiration?

1st Winner will be chosen Sunday November 7th.