Sunday, February 28, 2010

I am just beginning to quilt and this was the first time I used wool for a backing ( I didnt place any batting in the middle ,So is it a blanket or a quilt?). LOVE the feel and look of using the wool. It is warm yet it is lightweight and not "stiff" like some quilts can get.


Beginnings of backing a quilt with "Wildflower"

Here I have "wildflower" down on my "as clean as its gonna get" kitchen floor getting spray basted to the quilt top I had recently done with Amy Butler prints.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Market Bag made with Olde Glory (less than 1/2 yard)

This market bag was easy to make and only took less than a half yard of wool!

I started off with ripping off a piece of Olde Glory (wool from Heavesn to Betsy) into a 16inch x 34 inch piece.

To Make Handles:
("the correct way" is to have the seam in the middle of the underneath of the handle. I did not do this because I wanted just one stripe showing and this was easier)
Next, I ripped two 2 inch wide(two stripes) by 16 inch long strips of wool.
Note: I cut off a blue stripe and natural stripe together for each handle.

I then sewed the long edge with right sides together. Then used a pencil to turn right side out. Then I sewed a 1/4 inch seam (on the right sides) on both sides of each handle.

Next: Take the bag fabric and fold under each short side a 1/4 inch twice. Measure out on each side where you would like the handles and place them under the downturned sides. The side you want showing will be facing down.
You then sew the bottom edge of each side.

Then, Turn handle UP and Over and sew the top edge. Should look something like this ( yours is most likely neater)

After you have done both sides, You turn the "right" sides together and sew your seam on each side. Then turn right side out.
Now you have a bag to carry all of your Heavens to Betsy wool in.