Monday, January 31, 2011

Nasty Weather And Save the Date

The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found? JB Priestley

I totally agree with JB, Dont get me wrong...But enough with the white stuff already, We have things to do!

I would like to mention for those in OHIO,
June 18, 2011 is the date for the Kingwood Center hook in in Mansfield.
from 10-4. This years theme is “Baby Shower”. Everyone is to bring their first hooked rug. Peer judging will take place and winner gets a basket of wool for $75 value.
They will be auctioning off ‘has been hooking items”. Things people don’t want anymore, projects started and in need of completion & any rug hooking items. Proceeds to go to the Ashland Pregnancy Center.
ANYONE can donate, So please bring those items with you when you come.
If you will be visiting from out of town

 The Hampton Inn in Ontario which is the next exit up the road west of Kingwood exit has been suggested to us for lodging.
~More details to come when the time gets closer~
I leave you now with a few snowmen pictures , So that We who will be covered in a blanket of snow tomorrow may see a bright side - STAY WARM -


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes of Heavens to Betsy

Heavens to Betsy has been having wool milled for rug hookers and other fiber artists for quite some time now.

For us, Heavens to Betsy is what we truly enjoy and

We would love to share with you some of the process of our joy.

Please keep in mind, We are a small family business, Nothing fancy here!

The first Process is of course coming up with what wools to mill!

samples for mill
~Samples for the Mill~

The picture is not the best and that is because I am not allowed to give any sneak peeks!

We often take threads and put them to different patterns. The card at the top right is a finished sample that has been mocked up for the mill.

(do you recognize the wool? You would be correct if you said hot potato! those threads next to it are what we are changing. (ie. Take the blue thread and replace it with yellow and so on...)

By the way only the top row of the picture is affirmative for wools to come. We hmm,Haw and sometimes have to argue (nicely of course) our case against each other on which wools go in next.It is a long process! Mom has favorite wool (usually more primitive), Erica has Favorite wools ( usually more modern looking) and dad has his favorites too (The ones that he takes hours to put threads meticulously to)

Once the selections are made and everyone is satisfied -and made sure Erica hasn't traded one of theirs for one of her wools.

We send them off to the mill!

In about six to nine months we receive three yard samples of each of the wools.

Our Samples

Looks GREAT to me!

We confirm with our mill that they are Perfect and we love them.

After they are milled they send the wool to us on large rolls.

Wool is here!truck being unload
Wool is here! Yippeee!
This is empty compared to a couple of weeks ago!

Then come the samples, Lots and
lots of Samples

Over 900 of them! Thats alot of glue.

Dad starts to bolt the wool!

And next It is off to packing orders


And if Anyone gets hurt in the process
Heavens to Betsy
has there own Health Care Program!

Mom putting A band-aid on Dad :)

Some Patterns Have been added to our website!

Two Crows are Better than One  Jasper
  Be sure to Check them all Out  :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Have a Surprisingly Fun Day!

                                                        Turn your volume on and smile

Saturday, January 22, 2011

ATHA Bienniel update

We can't tell you how excited we are about the 2011 ATHA Bienniel and apparently you are too!

The surrounding hotels are already Starting to fill up!!!!

The Bienniel is being held from October 19th - 22nd in Lancaster, PA

If you have not made your reservations yet or REGISTERED (needs to be by Sept. 20th !!!)

Now is the time to do so. You will find the forms to do so at the link above.
Make sure to have your cameras charged and your comfy walking shoes!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


The first picture is of Grace (Betsy's grandaughter), She usually helps us out by putting the labels on the envelopes (thats why they are sometimes a wee bit off :) ). The second image is coy,He is a Trouble Maker and does not help nearly as much as Grace does.

Mom was able to snap a few photos with her phone of the second delivery of the wool. We keep forgetting to do this, But it was FReeeeZing out, So she only got a few before she ran back inside :) How the driver can be in a t-shirt is beyond me?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fun Photos

While we are hard at work filling orders and getting the last of the samples mailed out(And gearing up for yet another upstate NY winter storm - hopefully we dont lose power or any windows this time)
We thought we would share a few sheep photos with everyone.
We plan on adding a photos page to our website. If you would like to submit photos of your projects, your stash, your hooking groups,Camp photos or other fun photos send them to :
If you have a blog,Please send the link and your full name so I can put it with any submitted photos :)
Don't forget to add us to your Blog list!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Heavens to Betsy store The search engines have not quite caught up with us just yet. You can access our new website ~and all of our new wools~by clicking the image above.

If you would like to help us ~ Search us using your normal search engine (yahoo,google,internet explorer,AOL, ect.)

Using words that you would normaly use to find our website

~ Heavens to Betsy,Wool,milled wool,fabric,rug hooking~


When you get to our website make sure you sign up to receive our newsletters !
We do not want to send too many, But do want you to get all the News, Gossip,
Giveaways and updates as well as where we will be throughout the year.

If you have any suggestions for our website please write us! either comment below or use the contact button on our site. We want to hear from you! ~your ideas, thoughts and comments are what keeps us going.

IF you have any pictures of your wool stash, rugs or projects,your hooking groups, or your crafting space - send them to us and we will put them up on our website!!!!

~Feel free to send us your Blog Links so we can post them along with your pics~

Here is one of my favorite links for you to enjoy.

Post links to your favorite blogs below- I need more to read until I finally get to the library to return my books :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Wools Are Up On The Website!

The New wools are up on the website. Although, We will not be shipping until next week and orders will be processed in which they are received. We are waiting on the wool to arrive to send out the samples to everyone.

You are more than welcome to order if you can not wait until your samples arrive.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wild and Crazy ! Sample to go out next week!!!!

That is the only way to describe the past few weeks here We truly hope that you have had a very warm and safe holiday season. We also hope that you have been given time to recuperate from said holiday season!

As some of you may have noticed our website is down. We have switched hosts and we (read: Erica is) setting up an entirely new website! The new website will be easier to use ( for both you and me ) and it will also allow us more options. We will be adding more pre-made bundles to the website Too! Honestly - I always find it frustrating when shopping for fabric`typing in all
the selections` I just want it there in a bundle so that I can simply click buy now. What can I say ` I am a bit lazy, I have loads of wash,dishes and supper to be done and when I need a fix of fabric , I just want it. So, knowing you are just as busy and most likely feel the same way, We will definatley be adding plenty to the new site. Don't worry we will also still make sure to have the very popular P.Y.O ( pick your own ) bundles too.

The samples are almost done and ready to go out. We are waiting on the second truck of wool to arrive since we need a little bit more to complete all of them. WE HAVE 16 NEW WOOLS this flyer! plus five wools that have been re-milled ! Wahoo! Thats alot of wool! -and a lot of samples to glue 21 wools x 924 sets os samples to mail out-

Happy New Year everyone !!! Its going to be a good one