Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wild and Crazy ! Sample to go out next week!!!!

That is the only way to describe the past few weeks here We truly hope that you have had a very warm and safe holiday season. We also hope that you have been given time to recuperate from said holiday season!

As some of you may have noticed our website is down. We have switched hosts and we (read: Erica is) setting up an entirely new website! The new website will be easier to use ( for both you and me ) and it will also allow us more options. We will be adding more pre-made bundles to the website Too! Honestly - I always find it frustrating when shopping for fabric`typing in all
the selections` I just want it there in a bundle so that I can simply click buy now. What can I say ` I am a bit lazy, I have loads of wash,dishes and supper to be done and when I need a fix of fabric , I just want it. So, knowing you are just as busy and most likely feel the same way, We will definatley be adding plenty to the new site. Don't worry we will also still make sure to have the very popular P.Y.O ( pick your own ) bundles too.

The samples are almost done and ready to go out. We are waiting on the second truck of wool to arrive since we need a little bit more to complete all of them. WE HAVE 16 NEW WOOLS this flyer! plus five wools that have been re-milled ! Wahoo! Thats alot of wool! -and a lot of samples to glue 21 wools x 924 sets os samples to mail out-

Happy New Year everyone !!! Its going to be a good one



Ann said...

Congratulations on your new website! Really looking forward to receiving my wool samples...

Arlene said...

I just looked at your new wool and saw two that I really want!!!