Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Come have a good ole' time with us

July 13th - July 17th
July 17th - July 21st
 Bev Stewart and Betsy Reed are pleased to announce the 2nd annual Shaker Village Rug Hooking Retreat. Four Wonderful Days of rug hooking, Learning New Techniques, Seeing old and new friends and relaxing at the beautiful Shaker village of Pleasant Hill in Kentucky.You can visit for more info on the majestic village.

 You can begin a new project, Work on a project you have been struggling with or finish one you may have already started. You will receive color planning help and ideas from both Betsy and Bev.

We will be doing Some new demonstrations and projects you will be able to take with you. These projects will be done in the afternoon so that your evenings will be free for hooking and relaxing.
of course there will have door prizes and fun special surprises also !
There is 24 hour access to the hooking room - So you can enjoy your crafting/relaxing time when ever you would like.
If you would like more info and registration form email Betsy at betsy@heavens-to-betsy(dot)com with your mailing address.

There is also a Haunted Hookers retreat in October in Kentucky at Pleasant Hill.
Oct. 26th - Oct 30th
Oct. 31st - Nov. 3rd
Let us know if you would like more info and registration form for that one as well.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring break

While mom dad and I were working in the barn filling orders, Grace went to Bailiwick Ranch and Discovery Zoo camp.

It was the Absolute best thing !

This is what Grace looked like in the car EVERY single day for a week
 Yup for a whole week, She just nodded off in the car every day :)
 The Ranch is located right next to the old Catskill game farm, Back in the woods.
 The people there are SO friendly as well as the animals
and while it is still cool outside a lot of the animals get to Just be, Outside pens and roam
 Grace learned how to and went Horseback riding EVERY day twice
and on trail rides

 The farm is run by a  family. 

Where the hog and dog are best friends :)

Grace learned how to clean the cages and feed all the animals

 Below is Titan the tiger. Grace didn't clean his cage !

She kept giving the horses and Chimps jelly beans. The chimps would put on a show for her then wait at the bottom of the feeding tube for the jelly beans :)

 LOVE this bucktoothed Llama !

Did I happen to mention this is what she looked like EVERY day on the way home ! :)

Mom (Betsy ) can't wait to go horseback riding with us. I ( Erica ) am thinking of doing the summer camp with Grace this year.
 ( So if you want to learn how to horseback riding together we can do it virtually. I am sure there is a place in your area )

If you would like to visit Bailiwick Ranch it is in Catskill, NY . They give lessons and trail rides. All sizes, Shapes and ages are welcome. They have a horse for everyone.

I went for a lesson last week. I hadn't been on a horse since one week at summer camp about 20 years ago. It was SO peaceful!
I am definitely putting time aside to go as much as I can. 
In this fast paced, stressful life , I can not tell you how much just that one hour left me with a calm serene feeling. 

My hope for all of you out there reading is that this summer, You find something that gives you calm, peaceful feeling.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Swatches are going out on MONDAY

I added all of our gorgeous new wools to the website, Finally :)

This week has been amazing , My daughter has been off all week and she has been going everyday to the Bailiwick ranch and discovery zoo.
She has gone horseback riding twice everyday, Taken trail rides, Fed the animals ( tiger, chimps, goats, lemurs, bears, tortoise  hogs )
she has come home exhausted everyday!
Worth every penny :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New wool and apologizing

I am so terrible at blogging but I guess you already knew that.  :)

Mom is in Canadaigua teaching at the moment. Our rug hooking and quilt shops as well as teachers are receiving their wool shipments this week and next.
 If you shop locally for our wool, Go ahead and give them a ring to see if they will be carrying the new Heavens to Betsy wools. 

We have an AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS set of 11 new wools available. I will be putting them all up individually on the website in this coming week. ALTHOUGH if you would like a half yard bundle of all of the newest wools, I did put that option up on the website ( very quickly ) this morning. 
(Your tiered pricing will be applied in the shopping cart )

From top to bottom our newest additions names are:
Rooster Tail
Mr. Pepper
Buck Tooth Willy
Prairie Dog ( re-milled due to popular demand )
Sweet Lavender
Black Magic
Snowball ( re-milled due to popular demand )
Stardust ( diamond weave )
Irish Eyes ( diamond weave )
Breakfast at Tiffany's

That is all for right now or my daughter will be late for Spring camp !
but I will be back later tonight or tomorrow hopefully to tell you that I have them all up on the website :)
We hope you are all safe and getting some of that well deserved Spring air and sunshine your way .