Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lesson 101 when making garments with wool

Besides pre-washing your wool before sewing there is another very important step when sewing clothing with wool.
Know the right and wrong side of your fabric
Both sides are pretty and I didn't think it would matter any. When quilting or sewing with solid cottons it does not matter. Who is really going to know, Right?
Well it turns out you need opposite sleaves and jacket panels :) (duh,Erica) Needless to say Every single seam in the jacket I made for my daughter needed seam ripping at one point or another. Lesson learned, I now will always place a flower pin on the right side to "label" it.
I got it done though! using Amy Butler's little splashes raincoat pattern ( I used size 10 for my seven yr. old, It is a little big but at least she won't grow out of it too soon). I was amazed at how well the sleaves and pleated pockets came out considering it was my first attempt at either. Although again I seam ripped everything at least once and had to make a second sleave and right front panel including another pocket as they were on the incorrect side of the wool and wouldnt work. I also had to seam rip when I put BOTH front panels with the armholes as if the were the neck, Yeesh. All in all, A good pattern to have. I may even attempt to make more to put on Etsy As soon as I figure a different way to attatch the belt. Any suggestion besides making loops with thread would be helpful. They didn't last an hour.
Loved! making the covered buttons with the wool. You can buy the button covering sets at most craft stores. They would look great on a bag or to just snaz up a pair of jeans.


moosecraft said...

Wow! Great coat for a real cutie-pie!

Betsy said...

Aww, Thank you. She is a cutie isnt she.