Thursday, November 11, 2010

Little projects by mom and I

Envelope closure pillow made from Lil Bo Peep. ~We have this wool available, It just has not gone out on mailer or on the website yet. ~ This method is so easy. Here is one link to a video tutorial to make your own. I was going to add circle appliques with my machine but my daughter wanted it just the way it was. You can either use a zig zag stitch around appliques or leave a raw edge by sewing just inside the piece your sewing on.
This is a kite "rug" drawn and hooked by mom that she gave to Grace. It is one of Graces favorite items made by mom. It is so fun and such a great concept. It looks fantastic hanging on her wall too! Not to mention Clean! ( she cant get to it up there )

A BIG Congratulations to Jo Ann Mullaly on the success of her two books , Wool Crazy and Crazy at Home Plus her featured article in Quilt and more. Wishing you continued success, Your crafting is an inspiration to us all. May you also find all the antique cupboards that mom doesn't !
There is a link on the right to visit JoAnn's blog ,Wool Crazy, You can also click here .

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