Tuesday, December 7, 2010

a few more photos

A few more photos to share.... So as to post the new giveaway and keep it at the top of the page making it easy to access. I apologize if the one quilt offends anyone, My brother and I both have a weird love of skulls~ Must be the whole GOONIES generation thing :)
The first pic wouldn't rotate but it is an applique almost 2 foot long of a cat cut out of Three Amigos wool.
I plan to use it on the back of a quilt for my mother, For Christmas.

Whenever I ask mom what she would use a wool for , She always comes up with things I would never in my wildest imagination think of. So... Of course I just had to use a striped, Pinish colored wool for a cat!

The next couple of photos are of mom's quilt for Christmas.
I used about three of our remnant bags to make it (with the exception of a yard of Chuckles for the border) and still have some leftover to make a pillow and a bag! I haven't backed it yet, That is this weekends project. I apologize for the wrinkles, I had it folded away so the dog wouldn't lay on it :)

OK... The next photos are of my brother christmas quilt. Please don't be offended...

I Used the last bits of Coal Miner's Plaid to make the skull and cross-bone applique. I had a huge smile on my face at every step in making this quilt knowing my brother will love it!

I think I may make one for myself , Just not as large ( My sewing machine can't handle it. I had to have my husband hold and bunch the quilt while I did the actual quilting)
And of course in pink!

The last image ( That would not rotate , Urgh) Is of one of mom's and mine Favorite magazines by a long shot! The magazine is called Selvedge Magazine and is one of the very , Very few magazines that are worth the subscription price. It Is a U.K publication but if you visit their website and click subscriptions , There is a choice of what country you live in and that will take you to the correct pricing to receive your own copies here in the U.S.. I highly suggest visiting their website by clicking here .

Another good magazine that I enjoy is SEW HIP magazine. It is also a U.K. publication. ( You can find older copies on ebay usually.) It is loaded with fun and hip sewing and crafting projects. It is a really good magazine for people who like funky wearables and interestingly odd/modern projects.
The one thing that is drastically different about the U.K. magazines is there is not as much advertising in them.Or rather you don't notice it as much because you still get alot of content that isn't advertising, Which I highly appreciate with the rising cost of magazines.

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Myglorystars said...

Betsy I love the quilt!!! Looks so prim!!!