Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Storage and addiction to all things craft

Both mine and mom's house are under construction at the moment and it doesn't seem to be looking good for either of us. So... We both have to make sure our fabric is protected and put away and able to move around, If we need to.
I also have an addiction to all things craft and may soon be found on the show Hoarders.

My daughter spilled milk near my workbench and this is the result:

 So I broke down and went to the local Walmart ( we are not lucky enough to have an IKEA or even target close by ) and got these:
Not my idea of pretty but I think it may be best. How do you organize?
Oh, I also got this cute little plastic bin for my patterns to go into, It looks like a Liberty of London print! So I couldn't resist. 
 Does anyone else hoard crating books? They are almost as addicting as fabric!
This is Patrick, I created him by Failing miserably at enlarging and sewing a pattern from Countryside softies. He may not have come out anywhere near the way he was supposed to but he's my first softie.
 I found this pic through another blog and had to share it!

Shaker Rug Hooking Retreat News: We will have all of the cost information available shortly. We have had a number of people already ask to Hold a spot for them, If you know that you are interested also, You can email Betsy at betsy@heavens-to-betsy.com
Both Beverly Stewart and Betsy will be the instructors for the retreat. We are looking forward to having an Upbeat, Relaxing,Fun filled four days. You can bring as many projects as you wish in order to work on or get advice on. You are also more than welcome to bring your own patterns and wools to use.
There will be plenty of as is wool, Dyed wool and patterns available, As well as a camp store that you may sell any handmades you wish to.


Kim said...

I worry about the Hoarders people showing up at my door too :)

Betsy said...

I love your blog Kim! and am so glad to hear I am not the only one.

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Oh that Hoarders show is scary stuff. I'm sure you aren't even close to that.. yet :)
I've been downsizing my crafts. Realizing rug hooking is my main one right now. I've downsized the books too. Just not enough space! I parted with 90% of my painting books.I bet it will feel good to get stuff put into the containers and organized. Have fun with it and try not to get stressed. (coming from one who has had her moments lol)

Betsy said...

Hi Kathy, Wow 90% you are a strong woman! I would hyperventilate :)
Started organizing earlier this evening. I cant believe how much will fit it these! and neatly to boot :)

ShabbySheep said...

I laughed at Kathy's comment that you couldn't be close to a hoarder because I know how possible it is! Yes, I hoard craft books. Even looking at garage sales for ones from the 70's now since so much of that craft stuff is popular again! Yes, I am a hoarder too! I no doubt have the whole Michael's and Hobby Lobby store in my studio! AND I can tell you what shelf and on what side everything is on! It's all perfectly labeled and put neatly where it belongs!!! Creepy!
I just made my first softie too! Also from a pattern. He was an owl from recycled sweaters. Cute enough to give to my 3 year old niece! (I need some practice too!)
Going to finish up a Karen Kahle purse for my mom's birthday tomorrow. Just have to add the handles today. Love her stuff too!
xo, Sheri
p.s. Will you let us know in the newsletter when you get more natural wool? I need a bolt bad!!!

Betsy said...

LOL Sherri! I am so glad to know I am not alone :)
I completly forget about Hobby Lobby , I have to visit online soon. We have absolutely no craft stores within an hour drive!
Yes, we do send out a newsletter when we get our Natural in BUT better yet Anyone can be put on the list to pre-order bolts when it first comes in.

Stitchbird said...

Oh - I am definitely a book and fabric hoarder - vintage as well as new. I have even pre-ordered The Block Party from the Book Depository - I can't even wait until they are published!!

Betsy said...

Hi Lyndy! I pre-ordered the block party book as well too!
I also have pre-ordered 1 2 3 sew.... From the blog thelongthread looks like a real good one too. :) The blog is great as well.

Kathy E said...


gail said...

I too am a hoarder of craft books but I also hoard decorating books,craft magazines or magazines I especially liked. I finally got rid of a lot(but then only to make room for new)and I also hoard fabric,especially wool and vintage barkcloth! at least the wool I use daily the barkcloth I just can't seem to bring myself to cutting up into pillow/cushion size projects!