Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Wools- Meet the newest members of our family

Each one of our wools is like family to us. When we first started having wool milled- The first two mailers were classified by numbers only and It so did not jive with us.

It is so fun to give each wool a name~ It really adds to the personality of the wool

Monkey Bread
 The Wizard
 Walla Wall Bing Bang
 Autumn's Calling
 Princess Buttercup
 Vanilla Twist

If your interested in any of these wools you can visit our website here at

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have a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day!!
We were going to name one of the upcomming wools that , Just to get laughs :) and yes both mom and I can say it and say it three times fast, I swear it. Next time you see us ask us to  :)


Gayle said...

I totally agree with you - naming the wools gives them more personality!

Julia said...

I love the cool names you ewe use for your wool. JB

Julia said...

Ooops, I wanted to say I love the cool names ewe ewes for your wool. JB

Chase said...

I would love and hope I am on the sample mailing list. I would like to see some new wool. Thanks!

Kim said...

They are gorgeous. Love the names you chose also.

Ina said...

LOL, you may be able to say 'it' fast but you've forgotten part of it!

It's: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Thanks for the laugh...I loved Mary Poppins! ;0

Betsy said...

LOL, Your right Ina! Hehehe can't type worth a darn :)

Ina said...

That's okay, Betsy...your beautiful wools more than make up for your typing skills. ;0 Your wool is beautiful!

Jeanne (RED) said...

Dear Betsy,
Beautiful wools and love the names! You guys do such good work together! Wish we could see each other. I just got rid of your flowers today--JR made me--they were getting rather limp and dry (they were only 6 weeks old!) but they were so beautiful and smelled so good--certainly cheered me so much.
Keep up the good work, guys! Love, Jeanne

Brighton Wool Gatherings at That'll Do Farm said...

I'd love to be added to your blogroll ( and will put you on mine. Great names for the wool -- it really brings them to life.

naomi said...

Fabulous wools! Adorable blog.

naomi said...

Ah, such gorgeous wool!

Lizzie said...

Just found your blog through my friend Jodie and I'm in awe of all your fabulous wools....
Just started a new wool quilt this week but I'm going to visit your website now. My blog is


Kris Miller said...

Hi Betsy and Erica,

Don't forget to visit my blog:!

Love the new wool!
Kris Miller

Liz said...

I am addicted to your wools! I have added you to my blog roll - would love to be on yours:

:) Liz

Betsy said...

Hi Liz!
Sorry it took so long to add you. Love your blog! And congrats to your oldest for winning the science medal!