Monday, April 11, 2011

Stitchbird Fabrics

For those of you joining us from New Zealand, We would love for you to check out:

They have gorgeous cottons and sewing patterns. I just bought Jodi Carleton's Parsley and Beet Pattern, Too Cute. Lyndy gave me a wonderful USA shipping price. The pattern plus shipping came to I believe $23.50 . I plan to use "Earl Grey" to make the cute little elephants.

When visiting Stitcbird , Make sure to check out their blog.


hapachica said...

Thank you so much for posting this on your blog - I've been so incredibly touched at the generosity of people. I am so sorry but the shipping is only from NZ - if you can find someway to get items out here, that is wonderful, but I do realise that shipping is an issue...still the desire to give can create magic - put it out there and you just don't know what can happen. thank you again for your passion and open heart.

Miko said...

Hi - just an update on the sponsorship, the company is NZ Couriers-International (linked with TNT) - if you could ammend the blog would be greatly appreciated and apologies for the confusion!

Stitchbird said...

Erica - this is very sweet of you! I am just having a bit of a catch up read on blogs and came across your post. The samples of fabric arrived today so I am now fondling them and making some decisions!