Saturday, February 4, 2012

Still Gluing......

Still gluing samples ......

That is what my face looks like right about now :)
We have had the great pleasure of having a local hooker offer her gluing services in the future in exchange for wool!
I am SO excited!

Brickhouse Red


Little Boy Blue

Polly Peacock

Raspberry Crumb

Prairie Dog


Shepherds Sheep

Harvest Moon

Turkey Feathers

Tic Toc


Kermit the Frog

Remake Bundle

Jan. 2012 Bundle

And for fun and to make you feel good, This is what the downstairs of my house looks like:

Your house is looking like a palace right now , Isn't it?


ann said...

I am happy you are in your house I lived that way for a year SO SO nice when you get done. Look forward to the samples

Julia said...

You have a basement with so much possibilities. Hooray... Mine has been torn down after the flood. I now have stuff on top of tables. We will not refinish it because of possibilities of more floods in the future.

That baby face cracks me up. I'm glad that you have someone to help glue your samples. Your wool is just the best looking eye candy ever. JB