Thursday, February 16, 2012

Make it with wool contest

We vend at a few shows a year,
( a list of upcoming ones coming soon if you are interested )
One of our favorites to attend is in our own backyard...

The New York State Sheep and Wool Festival
( Don't leave yet if you don't live near NY ...  )

each year NY and other states hold a contest called "Make It With Wool"

You can win tons of prizes!
Sewing machines and sergers !

  • Junior and Senior state winners advance to the National Competition.
  • Adult state winners send 5"x7" photos and video (maximum 3 minutes) of themselves wearing garments to national photo competition. National Adult winner receives a trip to model in the National Competition.
  • Fabrics, sewing books, equipment and notions are awarded at State and National levels.
  • Scholarships are awarded at National level:
       $ 2,000 American Sheep Industry Women (Junior & Senior   Winners)
       $ 1,000 Mohair Council of America (Junior & Senior Award for a complete garment made of Mohair)
       $ 1,000 Pendleton Woolen Mills (Junior Winner)

You can check your local Sheep and Wool Festival's website for more information.

I have always wanted to enter but never have. I am not sure if it is because of fear or laziness :) or maybe I just forget !
What about you?
Have you ever entered a contest? or would you?

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Kathy R said...

Yes, I entered the Make It Yourself with Wool contest in Iowa; many years ago when I was a young mother. A friend encouraged me to do it. I still love wool, but don't make garments now, just rugs.