Monday, May 2, 2011

Giveaways,Rug Braiding Clamps and Remnant bags Oh My!

Mom just got back from the North Carolina hook-in. I will be adding pictures in the next few days.
Mom's slogan should be
"Have wool, Will Travel"
We have been having fun making remnant bags! Approximately - 2 pounds each!
We received a phone call from a friend of a woman who was selling at a fiber festival, Her friend got fined lots of $$$ because she was selling yarn or something of the like by weight and didn't note that the weight was approximate!!! 
Lesson noted. 
 Here are a couple of pics of the rug braiding clamps mom and I both use. I am going to put them up on the website shortly if anyone is interested.

Oh yes , I said something about a giveaway didnt I?
Cheri from Back to Larkrise is doing another giveaway shortly. Be checking her blog for updates!

Oh before I forget...
Bev and mom's Shaker rug hooking retreat in Kentucky is already full so .... They are adding more days and breaking it into two slots!!!!
( I am using alot of exclamations for just one post, But I love them!!!!!!)
More info will be coming as soon as they finalize all the details.

One last thing:
BERNINA is giving away a $2500 BERNINA gift card AND a $2500 Home depot gift card !!!!!!!!!
All you have to do is show your messy crafting space.
Visit them on facebook or their website for more info
and if you win Dont forget where you heard about it! - I kid, I kid


Kim said...

I can hardly wait to get my remnant bag. It will be like a surprise bag!

Gayle said...

Hope I get lucky and win the giveaway at Back to Larkrise! Your wools are so scrumptious!

Linda W said...

I loved the posting on Back to Larkrise on wool representing the Moms in our lives. It sparked me to realize my Heaven to Besty wool does that to me and takes me back to all the Moms in my life and the security of comfort it brings. I am hoping to win! Wishing all women a blessed Mother's Day.

Sandi said...


I just got my first scrap bag from you and am absolutely delighted.

I hadn't anticipated such large cuts!

Thanks for the prompt international delivery.

Sandi in New Westminster B.C.

ShabbySheep said...

Wanted to mention that I read about the Heavens To Betsy give-away on
And is your natural wool coming soon? I'm dyeing (NOT!!!) here. LOL

Jeanne (RED) said...

I need to order one of your remnant bags! I would also like to be put on the Shaker retreat info, and waiting list. My email is

Thank you! Jeanne

PS Erica, you are doing just great with the blog! Love seeing Gracie and pictures of all the places Betsy vends--will look forward to that.