Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The best website for a bookworm and Pinterest

For anyone who might even consider themselves a bookworm I have a great FREE site to share. I have been listing all of the books I know I have read, Books I want to read and of course what I am reading now.
I tried keeping it all on index cards and in notebooks a long time ago but I had a hard time keeping track of where I put the Darn things and remembering to write it all down.
And of course.... How many of you have bought the same book TWICE?
 Grrr, They change the book covers on us and republish them.
I think I have even bought the same book twice and Mom has bought me a copy of said book!

I am loving the ease of use of and they also send me e-mails when my authors have something interesting on their blog.

And I can't believe I forgot to share this ( some of you may know already, I am a little slow sometimes )
The absolute most awsome site on the internet!!!!

ANY time you see a picture you like all you have to do is click your button on your toolbar and it adds it to your board. This is FANTASTIC !
Charlotte Rust at Home in Auckland New Zealand18046-MULT-46X66 600×808 pixels
aunttillie_JoyceSchroeder.jpg 1080×628 pixels» Punch Hooking: Trying to Teach Myself Hooked Rugs
Dash and Albert Field Of Flowers Wool Hooked Rug
Google Image Result for

I needed inspiration for doing a cathedral quilt pillow and found these:

The Sometimes Crafter: Tutorial :: Cathedral Window
This one is an idea for what to do with all those little pieces of embroidery floss that just arent big enough:

There is so much on Pinterest !
I highly reccomend trying and getting your FREE account
( I had to wait a week to get invited because it is so popular)
The little " pin it " button for your toolbar is amazing.
Say you are reading a blog and they show this gorgeous penny rug you want to remember. All you have to do is push your "Pin It" button and a little pop up screen comes up with all the pics that are on that page and you choose which one you want to put on your board. That is all there is to it. You can add a note to yourself too, If you would like ( great for remembering what you want to get someone as a gift! )

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