Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shh... Were Back!

Only an hour and a half drive but a lifetime away....
Living in NY we forget that all of the gorgeous Adirondacks are in our own backyard.

As per usual, I forgot to take many pictures.

While we were away we Kayaked, Boated, Fished, Saw the Smurf movie (too smurfin' cute. Neil Patrick Harris and the movie too), Shopped, Ate Ice Cream everyday, Fed the Geese and ducks, set off fireworks ( don't tell ), Grace went swimming every second she could and generally we forgot about all our worries.
If you haven't been able to get away this summer, I hope you get the chance to take a few days for youselves with no cell phones or t.v's and cares of what needs to be done. - Even if it is in your own backyard :)

I was searching for a place to go just Rick and I for a long weekend. We were thinking about the Poconos. Anyone have any suggestions in the northeast?

While looking for place to go I found this place and OMG, It looks great for anyone with kids or grandkids! Watch the virtual tour !
If you want a really good vacation for the kids this is where I am taking The family next:
Hre is the link for the video for the one in PA:
Video for Great Wolf Park in PA
They have a few more locations too!


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Isn't it amazing how we can forget what is in our own back yard? It looks like you had a great trip.