Saturday, August 13, 2011

Best $$ Spent

I love to hear about other people's favorites. I spend a great deal of time reading Amazon reviews when searching for products. Don't you just LOVE Amazon?
My husband tells me he is out of bodywash right after I go shopping! You log onto Amazon and Boom next day three bottles of bodywash delivered right to your door for less money, Love it. Bless you UPS.

First I just want to say that I am in no way being paid to say or endorse any of these products. I truly do use these and Love them.
Okay first up:
Source of Life Liquid
Eeew a vitamin and a liquid one! That is what you start with?
Seriously... I whole-heartedly support this product. After being sick for a while with Lyme disease I was introduced to this vitamin and have never looked back. It gives you a kick of energy everytime. It goes in your refrigerator and you take a gulp each moning. I do however not like the taste of the other ones they have, Just the yellow bottle.

Brother SE-350
If you don't have thousands to spend on a sewing machine but want one that does it ALL, This is it. Both me and my daughter learned how to sew on this machine. It is EASY peasy to use. Has speed control, The EASIEST ever threading mechanism ( seriously easy and works everytime), Bobbin low indicator,Auto Safety mechanism, AND can sew through 8 Layers of WOOL, With NO problem!

Philosophy, The Supernatural
Don't like gobs of make-up? Like nice even Skin tone while protecting yourself from the sun?
This is a tinted SPF. It goes on really silky and works well instead of foundation, LOVE it.
GINGHER Scissors
If you have never owned a pair of Gingher Scissors, You are missing a crucial tool in your crafting supplies.
Get them at Joanns when you have a coupon or they have a sale.
They are worth every penny. I personally like the bent handled ones.
Nobody touches my Ginghers' in my house. It is grounds for sleeping on the porch! 

It has come to my attention that people outside of NY or the NorthEast Do not know the pleasure of the MallowMar. Every fall when the weather starts getting cooler, The leaves start to turn, The school buses start making their runs, Our favorite sweaters are pulled out of their nesting spots; the grocery stores start stocking New Yorkers favorite un-healthy treat. If you go into any grocery store in the fall months, There will undoubtedly be a huge display that only goes to say that Summer has left us and fall is in full swing.

Watsonsoaps on etsy
Beautiful handmade soaps and hand spun yarns with the most wonderful person running the shop. Becca from Watsonsoaps on etsy is hands-down one of the loveliest people. Her soaps and yarns are gorgeous and come in the most loveliest of handmade shipping. Keep checking her shop as she is a working mother and doesn't always have all of her goods up.
Intex 12x30 pool $100.
Best ever $100. spent ! we have one at mom's (Betsy's)  house and Mine. Big enough for an adult to take a dip and large enough for a seven year old to tire herself out in. Don't buy the ladder unless you need it. Use shock and swim if you need it, That's all there is to it.

Keen Shoes
I have several pair of Keen shoes and every one is worth the money. Always comfortable, True to size and they look great.

Bearclaw boots on Amazon
I have this pair in green, They are SO comfy! and they look young and mature at the same time, LOVE it.
Below is a pic of my Grace's Bearclaw boots ( They are in Women's Sizes if anyone simply must have )

AND who does not love Betty White?
 Really who? I will come to your house and turn on the match game and The Golden Girls and Make you love her!

T-shirt and pin available on etsy from rainbowalternatives . A great nightshirt!


Anonymous said...

Those are my Keen slippers! I needed strong shoes for indoors only as I kept stubbing my toes and these are perfect.

Betsy said...

I wear them around the house too. They are so perfect for just slipping on.