Saturday, June 18, 2011

Oh For Heavens Sakes!

Can I please get through one mailer without a mistake :) 
- Read on for the best Girl Power History Lesson

Ok, So we just printed of the sample sheets for our upcomming mailer and...
I made a youngin Goof.

We have a wool Named the Andrew Sisters ( W.A.C.'s)
Well you guessed it I spelled it W.A.X.

This wool is so vintage it's retro cool! My absolute fave. I have already made a pillow out of it ( which I will share shortly) and my first reaction to it was M*A*S*H.( Which I still love watching till this day, along with the Golden Girls and Matlock, I can say this now because it is now hip to be geeky. Like my dad always says: "Just wait long enough, It will be cool")- and mom replied "The Andrew Sisters and W.A.C."

So, If you don't know what a W.A.C. is (because like me you always fell asleep during history class because your teacher wanted to be a musician but ended up a teacher)
W.A.C. or WAAC is the term for the for Women Army Corps . These were the most awsomest women ever!
Brief history in the most lamest terms:
In 1942 the U.S. Goverment said Eek we don't have enough soldiers. They sent word out and made official that women could join the army. Only expecting maybe 11,000, Imagine their shock when150,000!!!! Women showed up to get physically trained, Toughened and inauculated for disease and shipped off to war!
(I think somebody didn't want to cook and clean anymore)
Get This: The Manual these women were given Starts out: "Your Job: To Replace Men. Be Ready To Take Over."[

Well, Men through a hissy fit and said it was going to hurt the masculinity of what they were doing (mm hmm)
And that it wasn't safe. But before that, General Douglas MacArthur called the WACs "my best soldiers", adding that they worked harder, complained less, and were better disciplined than men.[12] Many generals wanted more of them and proposed to draft women but it was realised that this "would provoke considerable public outcry and Congressional opposition" and the War Department declined to take such a drastic step.[13] Those 150,000 women that did serve released the equivalent of 7 divisions of men for combat. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower said that "their contributions in efficiency, skill, spirit, and determination are immeasurable.
And there you have it, W.A.C's in a nutshell.

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