Saturday, June 4, 2011

Congrats Dee - You Won! and what we are up to

Congrats to Dee, I am sending the pattern out to you on Monday. Thank you all for entering. More giveaways coming soon :)
We have more wool coming of course!

This time I will try taking pics of the truck being unloaded. Its amazing how quickly the barn fills up.

You may have noticed that we have been a wee bit quiet on the blog. We have been keeping busy...
Dad built Grace anne a house from scratch for my backyard. I joked that go figure Her house got pretty much done before mine or mom's! 

Here is Grace Anne and Pop Pop ( Eric )
 And Erica's Husband Rick putting a chimney on
 Grace Saying "it looks a little crooked :) )
 Here is what I was able to get done as far as the painting before ALL of this rain
The part of lawn that has hardly any grass is because that whole section was a garden for the past few years.
 Grandma and Grace picked out the paint colors. I used a sponge cut in a circle and hot glued it to the bottom of a can of peaches for the PolkeeDots on the inside.

Here is what is going on at mom's house :


Yup That is her "kitchen" or what is left of it . Well at least she doesn't have to cook! 


Gayle said...

LOVE those pink dots!

ann said...

it is summer time she can cook out side. No excuses

Saundra said...

As a kid I sure wish I'd have had a nice place like to play.

Hey, eating out is a great idea and no clean up either!