Friday, May 25, 2012

Pop Quiz... What wool would you have re-milled ?

Even though Our Spring and Summer wool Has still not arrived yet, We are getting ready to put together our next set of wool to be milled. 

We would love to know what Heavens to Betsy wool you would most like to have re-milled?
(We try to keep remakes to a minimum because we can only put so many samples in at a time )

My vote is for
 Midnight Magic
I sew more than hook and it wonderful for clothing, bags and upholstery.

If you know what you would use it for let us know !

P.S. Yes, Natural is Coming ! 
Unfortunately the price on the natural is going to have to be raised due to our increase in price to have it milled. The entire mill needs to be shut down and EVERYTHING needs to be cleaned before it is put on the machine to be milled, So that no other colored fibers get mixed in.
Let us know if there is a wool that is not a natural but could eventually replace it.


Kris Miller said...

oooh! oooh! Valentino is a must! I have used it for so many wonderful backgrounds!!!

Shakerwood said...

That's easy ..... Sheperd's Sheep

Betsy said...

Hi Kris !
Mom and I both agree Valentino is definately on the list. BUT we do have Montana coming !

Betsy said...

Hi Shakerwood,

Shepherds sheep is a great wool ! We don't have that one coming but we do have some Great! overdyables Coming in a couple weeks

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Is it licorice stick that I like so much? A great background wool ~ if I have the correct name!

Rugs and Pugs said...

I got that wool from Alice. Isn't licorice that wonderful reversible black? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE and pretty please with sugar on top :)
Hugs :)


My very favorite wools are, Polly Peacock, Prairie dog and Mississippi catfish. All are wonderful background pieces and I wish you would always keep them in stock. Sher

Betsy said...

Twisted Licorice is one that we have considered to do again. We will definitely keep it in mind :)

Sher, Prairie dog is one of both mine and Betsy's faves. We argue whenever we find a scrap if it - Who gets to get it :)

bittersweet said...

Oh wow, I agree with you guys, Polly Peacock is great but Prairie dog is wonderful as is valentino, you girls sure know how to order wool. Of course odd man(woman)out as usual I loved the lumber Joe, Jack too but Joe was softer. thanks for asking our opinion.

Betsy said...

Hi Kaye,

Lumber Jack is Always ! on the list to be re-milled :) I am not sure if it is because Lumber Jack came first or not - that more people remember that ones name?
I agree Lumber Joe was softer - I like both personally :)
Of course I Loved Midnight Tango too - Yum they mix so well together.
AND Penelope is Always on my personal favorites - Hope I can persuade Betsy/mom to do that one again.

Sorbet and Ferngully are two others that are requested often.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Aha! Twisted Licorice!! That's the name!! Yes, Please do that one again!

Linda G said...

My vote is for FIESTA!! I've been waiting and trying to be patient!

NeverEnoughWool said...

Lumberjack is my FAVORITE backgroung! Love to over-dye marshmallow too!