Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Dummies at Heavens to Betsy

Mom and I have been having a whole lot of fun with the two new Dummies at Heavens to Betsy!
and a bit of sewing was done a few weeks ago too!

:) SEE I told you they were Dummies!!!

I have always been afraid to attempt to make a hat, I thought I would just be saying bad words the whole time. My daughter really does not need to hear those, Next thing you know I would be down at the principal's office...
But I got the pattern for the hat that is in the second photo on etsy from MCHATS ( for $4.50 in PDF form)
 AND she sent me a link to the other Bucket hat pattern FREE!
The hat in the second photo is too big for my head ( I have a beetlejuice head ) so as soon as I get time I am going to adjust the pattern.
Get this - It is only TWO pieces, Two for the main hat and two for the liner. The process is SO much simpler than I thought it would be.

I am no longer afraid to make hats! Fear Conquered, I am the queen of the world... (Who still has to do laundry and cooking and grocery shopping, Well you get the idea.)
 I found these hats an absolute JOY to make. The bucket hat didn't come with instructions but if you have made a bag with a liner, It is the same process of pulling the right sides out through a gap in stitching. I am definitely going to take a whole day to devote to making hats (and a mess of the living room because my husband hasn't built my dream sewing room yet) soon.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!!! We went tricker treating and had a blast seeing so many adults dressed up this year! ( we were prisoners and Grace was a witch ) Here is the only photo of Rick and Grace I managed to quickly take while it was light out:

I wish I could have taken photos of all the Grown ups in costume!!!
but it got dark really quickly. The great thing was there were alot of people out in there yards with bonfires and music just having a really good time, Lots and lots of smiles. Which is what it is all about :)

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Julia said...

Wow Erica, I love the hats and what a beautiful job you did.

We didn't get any trick and treaters for the last few years in our neighborhood as all the kids are grown up. They tend to go in the subdivisions where the houses are crowded.

I see some great costumes. JB